Shisha Charcoal

100% Natural Shisha Charcoal from Nigeria.
We supply Shisha Charcoal from Nigeria. From raw material to production process and packaging, we use the best non sparking hardwood for the production charcoal for Shisha and Hookah.


Restaurant Charcoal

Restaurant Charcoal from Nigeria.
We supply high quality natural restaurant charcoal from Nigeria.

Type: Natural

Fixed carbon: > 75%
Ash content: 5% max
Moisture content: 3% – 8%
Heating level: Kcal/Kg 6800
Burning time: > 3 hours
Wood type: birch, oak, rosewood, acacia, mahogany, Iroko, no smoke, no smell, low ash, easy ignition.

Origin: Nigeria.


BBQ Charcoal

BBQ Charcoal from Nigeria
We supply high quality natural BBQ charcoal from Nigeria…

We supply high quality natural BBQ charcoal from Nigeria.

Type: Natural


Industrial Charcoal

Industrial Charcoal from Nigeria
We supply natural industrial charcoal from Nigeria.

Type: 100% Natural Hardwood
Wood: All Hardwood trees
Uses: Industry, Furnace, Metallurgy, Fuel, Ferro-Silicon, and for Activated Carbon
Origin: Nigeria


Charcoal Fines

Charcoal Fines from Nigeria
We supply natural charcoal fines from Nigeria.

This grade of charcoal ranges mainly between 1mm and 19mm screened out from our BBQ charcoal grade.

Type: 100% Natural
Wood: All Hardwood trees
Uses: Industry, Pini Kay, briquettes.
Origin: Nigeria


Hardwood charcoal

quality hard charcoal


 We are fully registered indigenous Nigerian Limited Liability Company with interest in processing and exportation of agro-allied produce. BELTIMA was registered in 2014 to carry different businesses in and from Nigeria to other parts of the world.

BELTIMA is the portal created and dedicated to basically promote our natural hardwood charcoal from Nigeria. We have two factories where we take delivery of charcoal direct from the forests, and then carefully process and grade them by handpicking to specifications. We also have a team dedicated factory managers and supervisors to make sure we don’t fall short in quality. Our goods are purely natural free from any chemical/additives, sands, unburnt wood pieces, low <3% moisture, no dusts.

We efficiently process and export different grades of natural hardwood charcoal from Nigeria, like shisha charcoal, restaurant charcoal, barbecue (BBQ) charcoal, industrial charcoal, and charcoal fines. We beat expectations on quality. And integrity is one of our foundational assets.

We are serious about our values. And in the context of those values we can tackle your whole project in a comprehensive customer focused way or a portion thereof.

We believe in building to positively impact communities, infrastructure, the economy, opportunity and employment. We take great pride in being proactive with our approach to projects, while ensuring that the best interests of the stakeholders are represented at every stage.

Our mission in any sector of business we enter is to penetrate, work hard and smart, conquer, differentiate, colorize, elevate; rinse and repeat without compromising on integrity.

A personal and professional commitment to proactively protecting the well-being of our employees, our contractors, our customers and the people of the communities in which we operate.

From inception, we’ve been dedicated to serving the needs of our clients with high quality collection of Charcoal. Processed from hardwoods at our facility, these charcoals are vastly used for shisha and hookah, restaurant and barbecue grilling; as well as for industrial smelting and activated carbon. Our Charcoal is widely appreciated in the international markets for its features like low moisture content and high fixed carbon. In addition, these charcoals are used in residential and industrial sectors as a solid fuel.